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troy n abed

May 2013

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New laptop alert!

My first laptop was when college started, and my second one when college is ending
I must be one of the very few people who smile whenever they talk about their college coming to an end. I can't wait! 

Hi there, Future-pritygirl.
               You are under no circumstance allowed to regret what 21 year old you said above. You may NOT romanticize this just because this is in your past now. Or just because you're old and have finances to manage. Boo-fucking-hoo. Independence FTW, remember? Having trouble being your own boss? No. Shut up. I forbid you from telling yourself that college was the best thing that happened to you. You know the things that happened later? Like the new job? The newly gained independence? Or the going abroad to study? FINALLY living somewhere other than above your parents' room? The wedding? The marriage? Being a part of a family where you're considered an equal to atleast ONE person? Yeah, all that beats college. Alright? 


Okay. You can tell me I'm wrong. But I won't listen to you. Life is going to be a million times better than this. I KNOW IT. I won't let you burst my bubble. 


It's always good to have a good desktop if you don't walk around with your work much. I bought a new laptop because my old one wouldn't work without being plugged in, and I'd have to take my laptop to college once in a while.
I think you should get a high end workstation if you don't move around so much. And hey if you have a phablet, that would suffice, right? My brother-in-law has a Galaxy Note 2 - I LOVED the way I could browse the internet on it just like I would on a laptop. And it's much lighter than a laptop! If you have a good desktop, I believe a phablet is more than enough :) But I'm sure you've done more research on this, let me know what you decide about this!